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  • Samwha Tecom Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") regards users’ personal information very seriously and complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which came into force in May 2018 in the EU. The privacy policy informs users on how and for what purpose the personal information provided by users is used, and what measures are taken in order to protect personal information.
    1. Visiting the Website
    Users can access the contents of the Company website without a separate member subscription procedure, and the Company does not collect information related to access.
    2. Items of personal information to be collected and collection method
    Users must provide personal information in order to use the following services from the website.
    ① When downloading the E-Catalogue, date/time, access IP address, and information about the browsers being used are automatically collected.
    ② When submitting the sample request form, information such as the company name, name, department, e-mail, application set, etc. needs to be entered, and the submitted sample requests are sent to the email of the person in charge.
    3. Processing and Retention of Personal Information
    ① The information collected when downloading the E-Catalogue is deleted every 30 days.
    ② The personal information sent by email when submitting the sample request form is collected by the person in charge and is utilized for operation, but it is not used for any purpose other than the corresponding purpose. If the purpose of use changes, we take necessary measures such as obtaining consent from the information provider separately.
    4. Consignment of personal information
    The company does not consign the personal information handling tasks to an outside company. If it does consign such tasks in the future, the Company shall notify regarding the consigned tasks and if necessary, the Company shall obtain prior consent.
    5. Measures to ensure the security of personal information
    The Company takes necessary administrative measures in securing security according to the Personal Information Protection Act.
    ① Establishment and enforcement of internal management plan
    ② Minimization and training of the persons in charge of handling personal information
    - We enforce a measure that manages personal information by designating the persons in charge and minimizing the number of people handling personal information.
    6. Cookies
    The Company uses cookies in some areas of the website, and they can be used for the purpose of analyzing the access frequency and visiting hours. Most browsers are structured to allow cookies automatically, and when users visit the website next time, the browsers can be recognized. Users do have the right to choose whether to install cookies or not and can refuse to save. However, if users refuse to install cookies, there can be some problems in providing certain services.
    7. Controller and person in charge of personal information
    Users can report to the controller or the person in charge of personal information regarding complaints related to personal information that can occur when using the Company website. All responsibilities regarding personal information are with the CEO and the Company shall designate multiple number of controllers and persons in charge in order to provide quick and accurate answers to the reported matters by users.
  • ① Controller
    Name Yang, Dong-Moon
    Department Management Support Team
    Title Team Leader
    ② DPO (Data Protection Officer)
    Name Lee, Se-Hyung
    Department Sales Team
    Title Manager
  • 8. Change of privacy policy
    This policy will take effect from June 13, 2019. The contents may be added, deleted or modified according to the change of laws, policies or security technologies.