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SAMWHA TECOM, The Value Creation for the Customer.

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  • Thank you for visiting oue web site.

    Samwha Tecom Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer for the wire wound componet such as transformer, coils & SMD inductors. With a main material supplied by a family company, Samwha Electronics and our own manufacturing facility in Indonesia which enable us to maintian the competitiveness in the global business environment.
    The company has established high quality manufacturing environment with automated manufacturing facility in its' own factory, and reacting the customer's demand using the facility with the best quality & reduced cost as well. Also, continuing the effort to develop the high value items such as various products range in Inductor Type with its' highly profssional engineers.

    We, Samwha Tecom promises to serve our customers with prompt reaction system which we operate and quality competitiveness as a excellent supplier and partner in this era of global business.

    Thank you.
  • Chief Executive Officer Son, Young Tae