This year is expected to be a highly profitable for Samwha Electronics
Contents This year is expected to be a highly profitable one for Samwha Electronics, that has been struggling from huge losses last year. SK Securities expects a 10.1% increase in revenue with $8 million net profit for Samwha Electronics this year. Samwha has laid off 25% of its workforce resulting in $3.5 million in personnel expenses and has moved most of its manufacturing facilities to China resulting in considerable cost reductions.

Sales profit was down 5% last year but is expected to increase by 8.4%. Floating debt reached its highest $10 million last year but is down to $3 million this year.

SK Securities analyst Lee, Sungjoon has readjusted Samwha shares to 'Buy' with a target price of $15 stating that Samwha is currently undervalued not taking into consideration Samwha’s name value and the market potentials.