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Your Future is with US

  • History
  • 2000's

    May. 2018
    World Class 300 company selected(No 2018-14, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    Dec. 2017
    Development of V-chip with vibration resistance 30G 135 ℃ 2000 hours
    Nov. 2017
    First Development of Conductive Polymer Hybrid Electrolyte in Korea
    Apr. 2017
    Selection of Consumer Interactive Technology Development (Development of EDLC for high power energy regeneration)
    Mar. 2017
    Fair Trade Day Award for Large and small business Growth (No 207886, President)
    Nov. 2016
    Award of cooperation using FTA between large and small enterprises (No 115982, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    Apr. 2016
    Fair Trade Day Award for Large and small business Growth (No 16025, President)
    Jul. 2015
    First High Potential Enterprises Day Commendation (No 111342, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    May. 2015
    Selection of foster industry for economic cooperation (Development of Regenerative Power Storage System for Lift Safety)
    Nov. 2014
    Award of excellence in global professional enterprise promotion program
    Oct. 2013
    Global professional candidate company designation (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    Aug. 2013
    Selection of public offering business Theme Cluster (Network for future creative accumulation of energy system)
    Jul. 2012
    Selection of national tasks for energy technology development (development of high power EDLC for peak power compensation of the power system)
    Jun. 2011
    Development of the World's First incombustible Aluminum Capacitor
    Jun. 2011
    Entry into the market of electrolytic capacitors for industrial equipment and railways
    May. 2011
    Development of Fuel-efficient Intelligent Vehicle Control System (EDLC Module) success
    Nov. 2010
    47th Day of Trade 100 million dollars Top Export Award (President)
    Dec. 2009
    Development and production of capacitors dedicated to LED TVs
    Oct. 2009
    Mass production of the world's highest density of hybrid capacitors
    Apr. 2009
    Mass production of eco-friendly ultra-high capacity capacitors (Green caps)
    Sep. 2008
    Development of Vehicle V-chip (Vibration Resistance 5G)
    Apr. 2008
    EDLC Independent Development Success
    Sep. 2007
    ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification (Tianjin, China)
    Dec. 2005
    ISO 14001 / KS A 14001 certification (Cheong-ju, Chung-ju)
    Mar. 2005
    Conducting Polymer AL Electrolytic Capacitor mass production
    Dec. 2004
    ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification
    Jan. 2003
    ISO 9001:2000 / KS A 9001:2001 certification


    Dec. 1998
    ISO 14001 / KS A 14001 environmental certification (Cheong-ju)
    May. 1996
    Single PPM quality certification
    Feb. 1994
    ISO 9001 / KS A 9001 certification
    Feb. 1994
    Samwha Capacitor Group CI launched
    Feb. 1994
    Tianjin Samwha Electric Corporation established (Tianjin, China)
    Nov. 1991
    IECQ quality approval (Film Capacitor)
    Dec. 1990
    IECQ manufacturer approval (Film Capacitor)


    Dec. 1989
    Chung-ju 2nd plant established
    Sep. 1989
    Samwha Electric Research Institue established
    Feb. 1988
    In-house calibration company authorization
    Nov. 1987
    IECQ quality approval (AL Electrolytic Capacitor)
    Dec. 1986
    IECQ manufacturer approval (AL Electrolytic Capacitor)
    Nov. 1986
    Company goes public


    Jun. 1976
    New device patent (Electrolytic Capacitor CASE structure)
    Nov. 1974
    Company renamed to Samwha Electric Co. Ltd.
    Jun. 1974
    Manufacturing plant established
    Dec. 1973
    Samwha Nichicon established