Samwha Capacitor, "Korean World-class Product Award 2011"
Contents Samwha capacitor, the nation’s major capacitor producer, was certificated as a manufacturer of the ‘world class product of Korea’ by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy on December 21, 2011.

The 'world class product of Korea' certification may be presented to the products which ranks among the top 5 in the world market and has over 5% of the world market share. Besides, the product has to meet at least one of the conditions that the world market scale has to be over 50 million dollar or the expert scale must be over 5 million dollar.

Samwha capacitor has obtained the certification for the two products, Power capacitor and Disc ceramic capacitor. The company said that they have an outstanding technology and higher price competitiveness than their competitors in the both items. They also said that samwha capacitor is constantly striving for R&D to lead the market of their all products.